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Three Health Benefits of taking a Bath

published at 16 Nov 2017 | Posted by Phoebe Hinton

Three Health Benefits of taking a Bath -  Everyone can relate to the joy of a long soak in warm relaxing water, maybe you enjoy a bubble over load or a more calming salt infusion; whatever you choose there is something indefinably good for you about bathing. In my search to answer the age old Bath vs Shower question, I have uncovered some interesting facts that firmly make me say - Ba... More

In A Heartbeat Animated Short

published at 1 Aug 2017

The heartwarming animated short film In a Heartbeat is reminding us Love is Love and giving us all the feels.

... More

Rain or Shine an Umbrella is a handbag essential

published at 6 Jul 2017

Rain or Shine an Umbrella is a handbag essential!  Whether it is a glorious sunny day and the sunscreen isn't handy, or you are caught in a torrential downpour every lady should carry an umbrella to protect them from rain or provide much needed shade.  Hintons stocks a great range of stylish umbrellas from leading manufacturer ... More

Make eating fun with Rainbow Kebabs

published at 3 Jun 2017 | Posted by KC

Summer is full of bright colours and fun adventures, so why not make the food you eat more exciting too.  Try our super simple rainbow kebabs for a tasty treat today. Plus it is a fun way to get children to join in with food preparation and get a sneaky bit of healthy food inside them too!

... More

Let Hintons keep your little bunnies busy

published at 11 Apr 2017

Get ready, because Easter is just around the corner, and the long weekend and school holidays can mean only one thing... a time when your little bunnies seem to have an extra spring in their step.

Excitement is high, energy levels are through the roof, and that’s before Easter bunny has even paid them a visit!

... More
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