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Make eating fun with Rainbow Kebabs
Published at 3 Jun 2017 | Posted by KC

Summer is full of bright colours and fun adventures, so why not make the food you eat more exciting too.  Try our super simple rainbow kebabs for a tasty treat today. Plus it is a fun way to get children to join in with food preparation and get a sneaky bit of healthy food inside them too!


 Hintons Rainbow Kebabs

You will need,

One pack wooden skewers.

A handful of each of the following fruits, although you can substitute for your favorites, we used Raspberries, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Orange, Apple, Kiwi and Blueberries.

Begin by preparing the grapefruit and orange – we would not suggest little hands do this part.

Taking a sharp paring knife and slice off the top and bottom of the fruit and carefully remove the flesh away from the skin, making sure to remove any pith. Now cube the segments into bite site pieces.   If you like mandarin orange then we would suggest keeping them simply as small segments.

Next remove the skin from the kiwi, and chop into small cubes an add to another bowl.

Finally, peal and core and apple, then chop into cubes and add to another bowl.

Place the berries into bowls and it’s time to start making!

 Hintons Rainbow Kebabs

Sit down together and pick your favourite fruits. Carefully pierce each piece of fruit and slide it down the skewer until you have about an inch of stick showing at each end. We have made ours look like a rainbow but you can try it with any fruit or berries that you like.

For an extra sweet treat why not not pour on some chocolate sauce or serve with rainbow pancakes!

Rainbow Pancakes


If all this fruit and sugar doesn't float your boat you can still have a rainbow kebab of your very own made with your favourite veggies!

Rainbow Veggie Kebabs


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