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Three Health Benefits of taking a Bath
Published at 16 Nov 2017 | Posted by Phoebe Hinton

Three Health Benefits of taking a Bath.

Everyone can relate to the joy of a long soak in warm relaxing water, maybe you enjoy a bubble over load or a more calming salt infusion; whatever you choose there is something indefinably good for you about bathing.

Shower vs Bath image thanks to RMW

Shower vs Bath - image credit RMW Blog.

In my search to answer the age old Bath vs Shower question, I have uncovered some interesting facts that firmly make me say - Bathing is good for you! – and I do not just mean for the “keeping clean” reason.

 1. Keeps you looking younger.

The anti ageing benefits of bathing has long been recorded right back to Cleopata and her milk baths, now even modern dermatologists agree that taking baths can reduce skin aging and help combat adult acne.

The physical process of bathing and relaxing assists your body in reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, levels in the body. Reduced cortisol equals reduced inflammation of the skin tissue and thus inturn reduced aging.

For maximum benefit make sure to moisturise with your favourite body cream fully after your bath, to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Reduces inflammation in muscles.

All of us can relate to the benefit of a warm bath to sooth our aches and pains. Medical research also backs up the old wives tale; as you relax into the bath, ideally fully submerging your body in the warm water you are applying heat to inflamed muscles all over your body, which aids the recovery process.

3. Baths are good for you heart.

In the same vein as reducing your cortisol levels, taking a bath has been proven to lower blood pressure, meaning reduced stress on your heart and cardiovascular system. Medical studies report a warm bath can improve cardiovascular health in a variety of ways, including lower blood pressure, increased blood vessel dilation and decreased arterial stiffness.

Remember to keep the temperature warm, a soak in very hot water could have the reverse effect and speed up your heart rate.

Hot Water or Cold Water infographic

So now we know a bath does a body good, how do you make sure you are having the best possible bathing experience in you’re very own home?

My preference is to use bath salts, or a non-foaming bath soak.

Bath salts have recently come back into fashion long since being seen as old fashioned or fuddy duddy; they are mixtures of salts and minerals that are added to the bath water to create a relaxing and cleansing bath.

Gin and Tonic Bath Salts

My other rule is only to use bathing products which do not contain Parabens, Sodium Laura Sulphate or Microbeads, which is why I fell in love with the Bath House Collection, all made in the UK and infused with precious essential oils and carefully sourced natural extracts which are specifically chosen for their beneficial properties.

So next time you turn on the tap, make sure you not only enjoy the bath, but feel a little extra smug for all the good stuff you are doing to your body!

Let me know your thoughts either on our facebook page or twitter. Phoebe x


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