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Rain or Shine an Umbrella is a handbag essential
Published at 6 Jul 2017

Rain or Shine a Fulton Umbrella is a handbag essential!

Whether t's beating glorious sunny day and the sunscreen isn't handy, or you are caught in a torrential downpour everylady should carry an umbrella to protect them from rain or provide much needed shade.

Now we all know that the British summer weather can change so quickly, so being prepared is the key to success, everyone knows that a well made umbrella from Fulton is ideal for the wet weather, but recent research by dermatologists suggests that it if it is streaming sunshine outdoors and the sunscreen isn't handy, it is time to do as ladies in the past once did and grab an umbrella for shade.

Any fully-functioning handheld umbrella can block more than three-quarters of ultraviolet (UV) light on a sunny day. 

Noting that umbrellas are widely used for shade in parts of Asia - up to 45 percent of women in China - as well as the Middle East, the researchers decided to see how well regular umbrellas actually blocked UV light.

So they collected twenty three working umbrellas - no fabric tears allowed - from people at their medical school. On a sunny morning they used UV devices to measure radiation just under each umbrella's fabric, and by the nose of the person using it - and then compared this to umbrella-less radiation readings.

"The umbrellas blocked around 77 percent of UV radiation or more, if the umbrella was darker coloured." wrote Suephy Chen and colleagues at Emory University in Atlanta.

So when it came to choosing a supplier to stock here at Hintons, we went straight for the very best of British. 

Fulton Umbrellas is not only the largest supplier of quality umbrellas in the United Kingdom but also have a pedigree of long-standing British heritage, quality and fashion design have been recognised across the world and the company takes great pride in holding a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen, and previously Her Majesty The Queen Mother.

Quality is the cornerstone of Fulton Umbrellas success and they use only the highest quality materials, exacting engineering and beautifully hand finish every product.


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